The Critical Path Method (CPM) of Scheduling Tasks

Last updated: January 27, 2020 The critical path method (CPM) of scheduling tasks One of the most vital and stressful parts of project management is figuring out your project’s schedule. It’s never easy estimating timelines and project durations, but there … Continue Reading

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Outgrowing Trello – 4 Reasons you should consider moving on

Outgrowing Trello – 4 Reasons you should consider moving on So you’ve been using Trello for a long time now. You’ve carded your way through tasks, issues and projects and your business has been growing. It might be time to move … Continue Reading

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When Helpdesk meets Project Management

When Helpdesk meets Project Management Project management and Helpdesk services, two key components of any business, rarely interact as many times as they should. It’s more often than not left to the manual labour of individuals within separate departments. This … Continue Reading


How to Adopt an Agile Method

If you are seeking answers on how to adopt an agile method in your workplace, you have come to the right place. Agile methodologies are becoming increasingly popular within project and product management teams. Based on the notion that projects … Continue Reading

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Scrum Master Role and Responsibilities

Understanding the scrum master role in agile A Scrum Master takes on a front-and-center role in Agile. He/she is responsible for making sure teams correctly follow the rules and principles that govern scrum. Part motivational speaker, part coach and manager, … Continue Reading

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Kanban vs Scrum Systems: Part 1

Kanban vs scrum: The basics of Kanban Before we can examine kanban vs scrum, we need to understand the origins and basic principles that govern each methodology individually. Part 1 of the kanban vs scrum series will focus on Kanban. … Continue Reading

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Managing a project team

Managing a project team: Have a plan! Let’s face it – project management can be messy and extremely volatile. We are all fully aware that projects can shift in focus and have the potential to move in multiple directions, continuously … Continue Reading

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Agile Project Management 101

Agile Project Management: An Iterative Approach Similar to the rules that govern agile software development, agile project management is based on breaking down steps into small manageable components called iterations. Each iteration is then carefully analyzed by project teams and … Continue Reading


Agile Blogs: Our Top 5

Great news! We recently added new agile tools to OneDesk so we thought we’d celebrate these exciting features with a fun, social #FollowFriday style post. Agile blogs you should follow Below is a list of some excellent agile blogs that … Continue Reading

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Sprint vs Iteration

Sprint vs iteration: Exploring both terms The answer is yes. A sprint is a focused productivity technique that is created by a group of individuals working on the same project. The term and activity is most commonly known and applied … Continue Reading