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What is team innovation?

Team innovation is the collective efforts of team members working together to provide solutions to the product development process. Transforming a concept into a successful and profitable product is not an easy task and requires the input of individuals from multiple disciplines. The product development process, in particular, is a complex collaborative process that requires the coordination and innovation efforts of numerous team members in order to reach a mutual goal. Naturally, these teams may involve people from research and development, engineering, marketing, sales and even IT.

Shared elements that promote team innovation

In a recent post related to team innovation, Sanjay Dalal, an entrepreneur with a proven track record in software development for all stages of the product life-cycle, states that “creating and maintaining constant team innovation, requires understanding of the characteristics of well-functioning teams.”

Dalal later explains that high performing teams that sustain a culture of innovation:team innovation

  • Have clear tasks and goals that are understood and accepted by all group members
  • Align members’ tasks with the corporate goals of the organization
  • Ensure team members fully understand the starting point and end-goal of a process
  • Encourage the sharing of ideas and suggestions
  • Have a well structured method or system in place to capture, manage and incorporate ideas
  • Ensure assigned tasks are carried out in an effective and timely manner

Team Innovation: Creating exceptional products with OneDesk

In order to fully leverage and harness the power of team innovation, organizations must equip themselves with the right technology. is a blended suite of comprehensive social applications that include customer feedback, requirements and project management, tied in with a social collaboration layer. helps organizations effectively manage the product development process from beginning to end. There are so many different ways that can help you improve organizational productivity, simplify and take the guess work out of the product development process.

Some of the many benefits of using OneDesk:

  • Increased collaboration and idea sharing between all stakeholders
  • The creation of innovative solutions to existing business challenges or roadblocks encountered throughout the development process
  • Enhanced feedback and communication skills
  • Increased problem solving skills and overall work performance and productivity
  • The creation of synergy, trust, pride and ownership amongst team members
  • A method by which team members can clarify and elaborate any details of the process.


Experience the benefits of team innovation today by signing up for a free OneDesk account here.

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