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As an internal customer support team or part of an external agency, you help customers make the best use of your products and solve their problems. Your team provides services such as answering customer questions, providing onboarding assistance, troubleshooting, and training customers on new products or services. Your challenge lies in serving multiple customers at the same time and resolving their issues quickly.

Customer support teams work in a real-time environment and have their own set of pain-points. OneDesk helps overcome these by automating repetitive tasks and giving you the tools to provide seamless communication with customers at all times.

Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding involves step-by-step guides and tutorials to familiarize the customer with the product or solution. By providing a positive onboarding experience, support teams can retain customers and eliminate inefficiencies.

OneDesk Automates Emails

OneDesk enables your team to automate emails, use email templates, and set up automations that keep your customers notified about your processes. Embeddable chat and ticket forms let you answer questions in real-time, asynchronously.

Customer Onboarding

Support Requests

Support requests allow customers to submit service requests or inquiries. These support request forms eliminate long email threads and capture all the necessary information in one go.

OneDesk Manages Support Requests

OneDesk’s helpdesk system enables you to capture, assign, and respond to tickets from one centralized platform. Create multiple ticket types with their own set of lifecycle statuses. Set up automation to route tickets to the appropriate teams and users.

Support Requests

Team Workload

Monitoring the team’s workload ensures that no single team member is overworked or under-tasked. A balanced workload enables team members to produce quality work and maintain a productive work environment.

OneDesk Balances Workload

OneDesk allows you to assign tickets individually or automatically by round-robin. OneDesk’s Status board helps you visualize your team’s workload. Each column represents an assignee’s workload, and the cards display the tasks. Drag-and-drop tasks into different columns to re-assign work and maintain a balanced workload.

Team Workload

Team Collaboration

Team collaboration ensures exceptional service to customers. By sharing knowledge and feedback, teams can quickly resolve problems and maintain positive long-term relationships with customers.

OneDesk Promotes Team Collaboration

OneDesk’s communication features help you carry out discussions with your team and customers. Hold private internal conversations on tickets alongside your customer-facing replies. Share and exchange files, ask for help from more experienced teammates, and paste images and screenshots directly into conversations.

Team Collaboration

Real-time Service

Quick responses help teams improve customer relationships. By quickly understanding and replying to inquiries, teams can keep customers informed about their processes.

OneDesk Improves your Responsiveness

OneDesk’s embeddable live-chat allows you to offer real-time services to your customers. Automate Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for your support tickets. Set up your policies and link them to incoming tickets based on customer, priority, or other rules. Create views to monitor SLA by their breaches, assignees, and more.

Quick Response

Knowledge Base

FAQs and support articles allow you to quickly answer common questions about your products or services. Using a knowledge base, teams can quickly provide information to customers and improve productivity.

OneDesk Provides a Built-in Knowledgebase

OneDesk’s Knowledgebase serves as an information centre for your teams and customers. Upload FAQs, self-service articles, training, tutorials, and more. Customers can search for articles or browse through categories to locate the answers they need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

App Integration

Customer support teams use multiple apps to stay on top of their work. App integration consolidates data collection and helps team members quickly locate information when necessary.

OneDesk Allows App Integration

OneDesk helps you integrate with multiple web applications. You can directly integrate with OneDesk’s built-in integrations to capture support tickets, customer feedback, and more. You can also connect with hundreds of applications supported by Zapier.

App Integration

Support Updates

Providing visibility into your support processes creates stronger relationships with customers. Support teams can enable customers to feel more involved in the process by helping them track their ticket’s progress.

OneDesk Offers Customer Ticket Portals

OneDesk’s customer portal allows your customers to track the progress of their support requests. The portal displays properties such as percentage of completion, assignee name, planned dates, and more. Customers can create conversations directly from the portal and attach files to share documents easily.

Support Updates

OneDesk for Customer Support

OneDesk is built with customer support teams in mind. Using OneDesk, your team members can automate repetitive tasks such as organizing tickets into the appropriate project, auto-assign teams to specific tickets, and more. You can also generate reports, schedule them according to your preference, and email them to everyone involved.

Why OneDesk?

OneDesk is a combination of HelpDesk and Project Management in one application. With a built-in CMS, OneDesk stores information about your employees, customers,  and external agencies, helping you manage your communication with all parties. OneDesk makes it easy for you to manage projects without the need to purchase, learn, integrate, and switch between multiple applications.

OneDesk for Customer Support


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