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Whether you’re an internal HR team or part of an external recruiting company, you play a significant role in sourcing and managing top talent. HR is critical for onboarding new hires, managing employee relations, facilitating employee training, and more. Much of its success depends on ensuring adequate staffing to meet operational needs and promote a thriving work culture. With such a wide range of responsibilities, managing your role is not an easy one.

Working on repetitive tasks such as recruiting candidates, leading cross-departmental projects, and responding to employee questions and requests are daily HR challenges. With OneDesk, you can streamline recurring tasks and develop an efficient recruiting and onboarding process. OneDesk promotes communication with employees, teams, external recruiters, and candidates. This helps you better manage company resources and reference materials. Using OneDesk, you can respond to employee requests from different channels in one centralized platform.

Recruitment Process

Recruiting is a time-consuming and recurring process. The complexity of recruitment lies in tracking the application status and coordinating with the team manager to scope out top talent.

Track Application Status with OneDesk

With OneDesk, you can track each applicant’s status and quickly move on to the next steps of the hiring process. OneDesk’s workflow automation allows you to create configurable lifecycle statuses that display the application progress.

Recruitment Process

Onboarding New Hires

The onboarding process introduces new hires to the company’s culture, benefits, and policies. Working closely with department managers, HR needs to identify and coordinate new employees’ training requirements. This is challenging because the onboarding process of departments may differ from one another.

OneDesk Streamlines your Onboarding Process

OneDesk eliminates inefficiencies associated with the onboarding process and allows you to use existing project templates to save time and ensure compliance with company procedures. You can set up projects from start to finish and track project progress every step of the way.

Onboarding New Hires

Manage Employee Relations

Keeping employees happy and promoting employee engagement is a key aspect of human resource management. Company success depends on employee contribution, and it is important to maintain employee morale by recognizing and addressing their needs.

OneDesk Improves Employee Engagement

OneDesk’s ticketing system enables employees to submit support tickets to HR, centralizing communication on a single platform. In doing so, OneDesk allows you to quickly address employee questions and concerns, helping you stay on top of your communication.

Manage Employee Relations

Develop Company Resources

Developing HR resources and drafting documents, such as employee handbooks, requires collaboration with management within an organization. Usually, these documents go through multiple revisions and are only finalized once all comments are addressed.

OneDesk Improves the Quality of Your Work

OneDesk promotes team collaboration through multiple communication features. OneDesk’s messenger application allows real-time and asynchronous sharing of documents between several departments and employees. The file-sharing feature helps your team to locate the document and make the required updates quickly.

Develop Company Resources

Employee Reviews

Performance reviews help management recognize an employee’s hard work. HR designs the employee evaluation method and ensures a smooth implementation process for everyone involved. The challenge lies in measuring the employee’s performance all year round and providing constructive feedback.

OneDesk Helps Track Employee Performance

With OneDesk, HR and department managers can track employee performance throughout the year and provide feedback based on performance data. You and your team can set up reminders for employee evaluation meetings and keep track of the outcomes.

Employee Reviews

OneDesk for HR Professionals

OneDesk eliminates inefficiencies associated with HR project planning. With OneDesk, you can streamline your workflow, carry out your day-to-day employee engagement activities, and collaborate with management to develop company resources. OneDesk allows you to assign work to your team members, log time, and automate repetitive work.

Why OneDesk?

OneDesk is a combination of HelpDesk and Project Management in one application. With OneDesk, you can store the contact information of candidates, internal teams, and external agencies, resulting in better communication with all parties. OneDesk makes it easy for you to manage projects without the need to purchase, learn, integrate, and switch between multiple applications and allows you to respond to employee requests immediately.

OneDesk for HR professionals


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