Collaboration breeds product innovation

Product innovation is not simply about generating new ideas. It is a complex process, and many organizations struggle with the design and implementation of an effective innovation strategy that yields measurable results over the long-term. Sustained growth and profitability can be achieved through the integration of three critical levels: People, processes and tools.

There are several untapped sources of innovation that organizations should include in their overall product development strategy. Here are some examples worth exploring further:

– Your customers
– Your sales team
– Your support team
– R&D
– Business partners

Which brings me to my main point:

If co-creation and customer collaboration are not things your organization focuses on, then you may be missing valuable opportunities to create meaningful conversations with your customers, and to discover key insights that will help bridge the gap between what customers say and ultimately do. OneDesk allows you to collaborate with all stakeholders, whether they are internal colleagues, external business partners, contractors, and customers from anywhere in the world. Get started today:

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