Onedesk March 2017 release

The OneDesk March 2017 Release

The OneDesk March 2017 release notes are also available in their complete and un-redacted form on our Customer Portal. Feel free to go and lookup more of the changes that were brought on with this release!

Grouping for the list views

This is big. Now, in OneDesk, you can group your items by a variety of properties. We have also enabled the ability to drag-and-drop, allowing you to quickly move items between groups. You can also see properties rolled-up to each grouping level.
This allows for a large number of new use-cases like:

  • Grouping tickets by customers to see who has requested the most fixes or enhancements
  • Grouping tasks by assignee to see who is overloaded, and drag and drop to re-assign
  • Grouping timesheets by date created to see a daily logbook of work submitted.
  • Grouping items by author to see who has logged the most issues.
  • And a lot more…

Grouping is available for items (tickets, tasks, features, etc.), projects, and timesheets. We are open to adding grouping options so let us know if there is a use-case you would like to see covered.

Saved Views

We have overhauled the filters feature to make them even more powerful, and renamed them as “saved views”. Saved Views encompass much more than the filters used to. Now a saved view also saves:

  • Your applied filters
  • Your column visibility and sorting
  • Your grouping (see the first big feature change of this release)
  • Your current layout (cards, list, calendar, roadmap)
  • And any other view options you have set like gantt visibility, scale, etc.

Now you can setup entire pages with very specific looks and feels, for a variety of needs like reporting, managing workers or your own time, organizing project structures, roadmapping. These saved views can be accessed easily, and tweaked further as you need them to be, to allow for even greater control of the different OneDesk branches: helpdesk, product management and project management!

Here is a short list of other changes that were made to the application in this release:

  • To better expose the current project-level (scope), we have moved the selector into the side-panel.
  • We have renamed containers into “projects”, to better reflect how our customers are using them. Even though projects can also represent releases and products, it made sense to not try to explain our own custom terminology. Similarly, parent containers are now called “portfolios”.
  • We have added the ability to customize the applications in the side panel. In administration options, the user can now hide or rename the helpdesk items, PMO items, etc.
  • We have combined the view controls into a single menu. Now when a user selects the list/cards/calendar views, the relevant sub-options will be immediately visible  to them.
  • Organizing columns and filter properties. This should make it easier to find the property you are looking for.
  • Default avatar “initials” for users who have not uploaded a profile pic. These avatars are used at the top right, in the cards, and in discussions and replace the ghostly blue silhouette default profile picture.
  • Plus over 200 bug fixes and enhancements.

We invite you to explore these new features and changes in the application, and submit your feedback as we continue to improve OneDesk as a whole!

Photo Credit: March Calendar / Red Stamp / CC BY

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