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Last week, we participated in #PMChat a fast-paced discussion surrounding the burning issues and challenges in project management today.

Many different topics surfaced and naturally, we did not have time to elaborate on all of them in tremendous detail. So Kim and I came up with the idea of creating blog posts around these discussions in order to stimulate a deeper conversation and analysis.

We were very happy to see that Kim’s post around social media and project management was very well received by the project management community.

Towards the end of the chat, an interesting question came up that I would like to discuss today:



The role of mobile technology in project management

Like many fields, project management is being affected by the introduction of the new systems and technologies that can be used to manage project teams. Project teams are increasingly using mobile technologies to collaborate and communicate with teams remotely, stay updated on tasks and priorities as they develop. Mobile-ready features like wikis, emails, blogs, discussion forums, chat, notifications and real-time updates can help project managers to get more done, in less time, with less resources.

The question is, do mobile features and integrations really help to improve the project management process? In our opinion- yes, they do.


  1. Eng. Abdullah

    Dear Catherine,

    I am completing my post graduate study in engineering project management and i am now prepare for my thesis about The role of mobile technology in project management,
    could you please help me in these topics.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Joseph

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