The emergence of the social project manager

As project management, product development and innovation processes evolve from closed silo type of environments to those that are more social, connected and collaborative, so should the roles of the individuals. The role of marketers, and customer service professionals have changed to leverage the benefits of social business and increased collaboration between team members. What about project managers? Have they embraced social project management?

Project managers no longer need to work alone on a few tasks, and gone are the days of blind decision making. Today’s product development process requires a collaborative team effort—everyone working together, on the same page. Project managers need to embrace this social change and help their teams adapt.

Many of us think of project management as a small group of individuals working in their area of expertise on diverse tasks that ultimately have to come together in the accomplishment of the project mandate. Often project management is one of the activities that is the most removed and out of the loop from the rest of the product development process. This disconnect results in the setting of

1. Unrealistic goals
2. Cost over runs
3. Work estimates that do not align with organizational strategies

To learn more about how to become a social PM. Watch this video below:–M

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