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Tech4PD is a web show that focuses on technology for product development. In each episode, industry analysts Jim Brown ( and Chad Jackson ( hold a debate and present different views on a certain topic related to product development technologies.

During each episode, viewers can vote for a winner. The loser suffers a consequence in the future episode, such as needing to go to an industry conference wearing a Star Trek uniform.

In the last episode of Tech4PD, Jim and Chad hold an interesting debate about the use of social technology for product development.

Jim believes companies should use social technology to structure their product development process.

Chad argues against that and says that social technology is not ready to be applied to unstructured product development tasks.

Of course, we at OneDesk agree with Jim. After all, OneDesk was designed to structure collaboration across the development process. Bonus points to Jim to thinking about and mentioning OneDesk in this debate!

We’d love for you to watch the episode and let us know who you would vote for in this debate.
Go here to watch & cast your vote.

Social Technology for Product Development: Ready for business?

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