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Employee feedback is just as important as customer feedback

Take a moment to think about your employees. Why were they hired? Your employees were most likely hired because of their skills, knowledge and potential to strengthen your organization. Because employees play a huge role in a company’s success, it’s important to gather employee feedback from time to time.

Just as you would ask for customer feedback about your product, it’s important to also ask for employee feedback. Engaging your employees into the development process shows that you value them. Employees who feel valued tend to work harder, provide better customer experiences and stay with your company longer.

Ask for employee feedback about everything

In addition to asking for employee feedback on your product, make them feel even more appreciated by asking for their feedback about employee policies, management style, benefits and even about holiday parties. Engage your employees by that you care about their needs; this will make them feel a stronger connection with the company, and will surely boost productivity in the workplace.

How to ask for employee feedback

Ask for employee feedback and make them feel valuedHaving an “employee feedback” suggestion box in the office just isn’t enough. Handing out employee feedback forms takes things a step further, however, by using a more interesting method, your employees will be more likely to complete them.

So this holiday season, why not give your employees the gift of feeling valued? Don’t just ask for employee feedback; engage with your employees and make them feel appreciated. When it comes to developing your product, why not keep your whole staff on the loop from start to finish?

Employee feedback and OneDesk

With OneDesk, you can collect employee feedback by inviting them to join a project. From there, they can view and join conversations regarding product feedback from customers, and submit their own. You can even create a sharespace just for your employees and collect work-related feedback.

Gather employee feedback through OneDesk's projects
Gather employee feedback through OneDesk’s projects

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  1. Mary Taylor

    Great post! But I think we all agree that feedback should not be limited to the holiday season. Well, Easter is coming but we need feedback continuously only this helps us learning and adapting quickly to the ever changing environment

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