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Feedback tools enable you to Listen, Engage and Take Action

Customer feedback management is a critical component of a successful client building and product development strategies. There are a multitude of methods to capture, analyze, manage and incorporate customer feedback into the product development process including surveys, focus groups, questionnaires, polls, discussion forums, feedback forms and email. There are also various feedback tools that offer ways to engage with your customers.
The Internet provides endless channels for your customers to communicate with your organization. However, you need sophisticated feedback tools that help you listen better, engage actively, and respond quickly to your customer’s needs by taking immediate action.

Feedback tools strengthen customer relationships

A sophisticated and comprehensive customer feedback tool serves as a vehicle for your customers and all other stakeholders in your organization to voice their opinions, issues, suggestions and ideas. Feedback tools can help strengthen your customer relationships by:
1. Listening and engaging with your customers you will discover what they really want, know what they are discussing, and be aware of their pain points. These insights can be used to develop more targeted products.
2. Keeping you on top of industry trends. This helps you respond faster to changes.
3. Obtaining quick answers to product-related questions and overcome any roadblocks that hinder the product development process.
4. Providing accurate, real-world data to make confident business support decisions related to product development.
5. Removing barriers to communication and opening up the conversation to stakeholders inside and outside your organization.

Feedback tools that deliver results in real time

OneDesk beats all feedback tools on the market! With core applications, such as, Customer Feedback Management, Requirements and Project Management, all integrated with a social collaboration layer, OneDesk is the supplier of choice for feedback tools.

OneDesk comes with a built-in customer feedback tool that lets you capture feedback, elaborate upon it and incorporate it directly into your product development strategy.

feedback management tools

OneDesk also includes a social feedback tool, the customer portal, that lets your customers create and join conversations. This allows you to build a knowledge base of ‘social’ information around what customers have shared with your organization and the rest of your customer community. Within the customer portal, customers can also vote on suggestions and recent ideas through polls and discussion forums. Discover how easy it is to set up your own customer portal.

feedback tools

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