Tracking issues, tasks, and other items across projects

We’ve heard your concerns, and are pleased to say we have acted on them.

You’ve told us that tracking issues, tasks, feedback, requirements and any other item you are managing can be challenging, especially if you are managing them across multiple teams, organizations or departments.

Thus, we have enhanced our software based on your needs. OneDesk now offers a simpler way of tracking issues and tasks, as well as other items such as questions, problems and ideas across projects.

This means that tracking issues (or any other items) from all the projects you are part of, can now be done in one view.

Example: Tracking issues and tasks across all projects you are part of:

tracking issues

  • Select the issues/tasks button (1).
  • Ensure you are in the all my data view (2).
  • Here, you will be able to view all tasks and issues and see which project they belong to (3).


To track items across all projects owned by your organization:

  • Select the item you wish to track
  • Cick on the drop-down arrow next to all my data and choose my organization’s data.


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