OneDesk is a combination of helpdesk and project management software, allowing you to manage it all from one application. With OneDesk, new business processes are possible, and tickets, tasks, issues, projects, & customer feedback can be routed their own independent, yet interacting workflows. Since no two companies work exactly the same way, OneDesk is easily configurable.

The videos in this should help you with a lot of your questions, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team if you can’t find the answer you are looking for.

– The OneDesk Team –

Hi. Welcome to OneDesk.
OneDesk is a perfect blend of help desk and project management in a single application. This video will give you a brief overview but there’s lots of other videos for when you want to get into the details.

The OneDesk web application is the main interface for accessing your OneDesk account, but you could also use the customer apps and the mobile app. You can log into the web application on our website,

When you’re logged into the OneDesk application, you’ll see different applications are listed in this bar on the side. For example, I’m in the tasks application now, but I could also choose tickets, timesheets, customers, users, projects, activity, or the messenger. Here is the administration panel where I can configure my OneDesk settings.

At the top, there’s a menu to add different things to your OneDesk account.

Tools menu. These tools are different depending on which application you’re in.

‘Get started’ provides you with some videos and helpful information to learn about OneDesk.

Under your name, you’ll find a menu that allows you to sign out, purchase OneDesk, or navigate to your specific stuff.

To navigate around OneDesk, you must first choose an application, choose what project level you want to look at, and finally choose a view you want to use. Those are reflected in the breadcrumbs at the top. You can see that right now, I’m in the task application, looking at all projects, and I’m in the tree view. There are three items in this level.

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us by clicking on this bubble down in the side. Thanks.


OneDesk is made up of three applications: The main web application you see here, the customer portal, which can be launched from clicking the customer portal link here, and from the mobile application, which is available for iOS and Android.

To navigate around OneDesk, you first select application in the applications bar on the left here. You select a project level, and you select a view. These three things combine to determine what you’re looking at in your main view here. For example, right now, I’m in my projects application, I’m looking at all my projects, and I am in my tree view. New views can be created by you by clicking here and you can modify and delete existing views.

As you work through OneDesk, you’ll see that the tickets application is found here, the task application is found here. There are timesheets, customers, users, a projects applications, and finally your ‘activity and discussions’. Adding new items is done easily by clicking the add at the top. Tools specific to the application are found in the tools menu. Here’s some handy links to access your stuff. Down here is where administration options are found.

Finally, if you have questions for us, don’t hesitate to click on this icon here and contact our support team. Thanks a lot. Enjoy looking around OneDesk.