OneDesk for Agile Project Management

Benefit from the World of Continuous Improvement

Agile project management is about collective collaboration, progressive flexibility, and incremental improvements. OneDesk supports agile development through our project management tools and various features.

Centralized Collaboration

OneDesk unifies communication and file sharing at the project and task levels. This allows you to work with your team as well as customers towards your end goals.


Conversations attach to the projects and tasks you work on. Notify followers when there are updates that require their attention.


Share files of any type by attaching them to a project or a task. This helps organize your shared assets.

Centralized Collaboration

Flexible Agile Planning & Management

OneDesk has built-in views which complement agile efforts:

Kanban Board

Track the progress of tasks in the Kanban board view. This also lets you reassign tasks to different team members or move them into other projects.

Agile Points

Add agile points to tasks and capacity points to projects. Plan the workload of each sprint by adding tasks until you reach the points capacity of that project.

Tree View

Create and organize your projects, and tasks, and issues in the tree view. This lets you change the hierarchy of your tasks.

Flexible Agile Planning & Management

Agile Reporting Features

OneDesk has useful dashboard charts that help you visualize your progress.

Burndown Chart

This line chart shows the remaining open agile points in a project.

Velocity Chart

This bar chart compares the velocity of different projects/sprints/iterations.

Agile Reporting Features

Why OneDesk?

OneDesk is a combination of HelpDesk and Project Management in one application. OneDesk makes it easy for you to manage projects without the need to purchase, learn, integrate, and switch between multiple applications.

Why OneDesk?


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