OneDesk for Self-Service

Empower your customers to help themselves

OneDesk’s self-service solutions help your customers address their own problems. The Knowledgebase allows your customers to locate answers to their questions immediately. Reduce repetitive work for your agents and provide complete transparency into your processes by deploying a customer portal. The customer portal enables your customers to track support ticket updates at any given time. Utilize OneDesk’s BOT to provide instant and accurate messages and remain available to your customers at all times.


OneDesk’s Knowledgebase is a powerful self-service application that enables your clients to locate resources by themselves. Using the Knowledgebase, you can create different types of tickets, upload videos, and self-service articles to answer customer questions and reduce ticket load significantly.

Customize your Knowledgebase

Change the appearance of your Knowledgebase according to the look and feel of your brand. Add your company colours or custom logo, or rename your Knowledgebase to best serve your customers. 

Categorize Resources Logically

Organize your content by hierarchy. OneDesk enables you to categorize a wide range of content into parent categories. Subcategorize your content into more specific folders within the existing parent category. 

Present Featured Articles

Create featured articles to capture your customer’s attention. Feature articles guide your customers to important content, helping you keep everyone informed about updates or modifications. Feature articles appear on the first page and help you determine what you want your customers to read. 

Locate Resource Quickly

Locate resources immediately through keyword searches. No need to type the whole question into the search bar. OneDesk’s Knowledgebase enables you to search for items by keywords and discover articles similar to your finding.

Multilingual Knowledgebase

OneDesk’s multilingual Knowledgebase helps your customer use the app in their own language. Simply upload the language file to translate the text of the Knowledgebase to your customer’s language. 


Customer Portal

The portal enables your customer to track ticket updates from start to finish. OneDesk’s customer portal reduces customer emails associated with support tickets’ progress and eliminates repetitive work for your team members. 

Customer Login

Enable portal signup options for your customers. By allowing customers to sign in, you can easily access the portal and protect customer information. 

Role-based Access

You can decide what your customers get to view. OneDesk’s role-based access into the portal allows the customers to see their own items or items requested by their organization and more. 

Customize your Portal

OneDesk allows you to provide full visibility of your processes to your customers. Add filters that will enable your customers to quickly locate their tickets by type, project, or status. You can also include critical information such as percentage of completion, assignee name, and more. 

Submit Webforms

Create webforms to capture all information in one go. OneDesk allows your customers to submit webforms directly from the portal. Webforms eliminate long email threads, helping you provide support right away. 

Customer Communication

Customers can start conversations directly from the portal and can share files by attaching documents. These conversations are linked to the ticket and can be viewed from other communication features in OneDesk. 

Customer Portal

Provide Support 24/7

Automate your BOT reply to remain available to your customers at all times. OneDesk BOT ensures fast and accurate responses every time. Use BOT to answer frequently asked questions and eliminate repetitive work for your employees.

Provide Support 24/7

Why OneDesk?

OneDesk is a combination of HelpDesk and Project Management in one application. OneDesk makes it easy for you to manage projects without the need to purchase, learn, integrate, and switch between multiple applications.

Why OneDesk?


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