Listening to your user’s voices

At OneDesk, our goal is to provide you with an easy-to-use solution suite that will make all parts of your job easier. The OneDesk team takes pride in researching, collaborating and working to create applications that will help you build a stronger business. One of the most important things that you can do as a company is to listen to the user voice, meaning, finding out what the people who use your product or service really think about it.

This concept, known as customer-driven innovation, is on the rise in the corporate world. Businesses like Dell, Apple and Gillette have been practicing it for years, and have proven that this strategy works.

How to capture the user’s voice

The trick to innovation is to capture your customers’ likes, dislikes and expectations, and this is not always easy. What’s interesting about customer-driven innovation is that it ignites a shift in power. According to Gaurav Bhalla, founder of Knowledge Kinetics, a management consulting company, customers are no longer “a source of demand at the end of a value chain. In today’s world, value is created jointly by a company and its many customers and non-customers. The consumer is a fundamental resource and input in the value identification, creation, and delivery process, and the co-creation experience is an integral part of the total value offering.” You can read more about Bhalla’s insight on customer-driven innovation on his site, www.gauravbhalla.com.

To gather and understand the user voice, most business adhere to a capturing process formally described as the voice of the customer. This type of study is usually conducted at the beginning of the development process through both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Through in-depth interviews and surveys, the user voice is spotlighted, helping companies determine how they can improve the customer experience.

Taking action on user’s voices with

Capturing the user voice with Recognizing that capturing the user voice can be a lengthy procedure, provides applications that reduce the time spent on listening to customers. What’s unique about OneDesk, is that not only does it allow companies to listen to the user voice, it also allows companies to build on customer engagement and make their users part of the development process. With OneDesk, the user voice has never been stronger; customers can be kept in on the loop on their feedback’s progress, vote on other customers’ feedback and discuss and collaborate with company executives or other customers and clearly communicate their needs. All this is done through OneDesk’s unique customer portal. It also allows companies to easily classify and organize customer feedback and, more importantly, to take action and implement them. Listen to the user voice, drive innovation in the workplace and try OneDesk today, for free.

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