using customer feedback

These days, customers prefer to make a human connection and get product recommendations right from the source – the company. therefore, companies can leverage these methods of communication to tap into customer conversations and uncover what is being said about their brands, products, services, and even competitors. They can then take the steps to improving customer loyalty, and even gain new customers.

Using customer feedback portals: Opportunities to connect
Customers who interact with companies on these types of channels because they want to make a connection. Thus, in order to grow their companies using customer feedback portals companies must know how to create engaging conversations and show customers their insights are important.

Here are some tips for using customer feedback to your company’s advantage:

1. Create two-way conversations
Tweet or post stimulating questions related to your brand or industry. Make sure it is something people are talking about, or something they will care about. For example, you can ask a question about a current trend, the latest product, or something in the news. Keep track of the conversation using OneDesk.

2. Acknowledge responses and respond quickly
Create polls or post questions asking customers about what they deem challenging and what they would improve about your products. Share this feedback with your audience, using customer feedback this way, will help your community find the answers to their own questions quicker.

3. Update customers in real-time
Add your own comments to start conversations about them. When a feedback has been reviewed by your team – let them know. This will reassure customers that someone is actually looking into their request. This is very important and it is a great way to form and sustain strong ties with your customers.

Depending on the type of business you own, these tips may each work on their own, or may need to combined in order to strengthen the connection you have with customers. The key to creating engaging conversions is not set in stone, but with a bit of experimenting, your company will find out what gets its audience sharing, you will be well on your way to driving your business to success.

What is your advice for companies who may not be using customer feedback tools to their full potential?

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