OneDesk includes a messenger app that allows you to chat in real-time, both with your customers and with your team. This video covers how to use the messenger.


The OneDesk Messenger provides an interface for you to communicate in real time with your customers and your teammates. You can find it by clicking this icon here.

There is also a customer-facing app that you can put on your website. You can preview that here by opening this link. There’s another video explaining it, but it provides an interface for your customers to chat with you.

Let’s talk about the Messenger application.

First of all, you can see that it’s divided into two sections. There’s a ‘from customer’ section and the ‘my conversations’ section. The ‘from customers’ section is only available to those users in your organization that you’ve designated as being responsible for customer support. Other users will only see ‘my conversations’. The ‘my conversations’ section contains those conversations that you’re interested in. Those are things like tickets that you created, tickets you’re assigned to, tickets that you’re following or just conversations that you’ve been involved with in the past. The from customers of course involves those conversations that include customers.

Now, let’s talk about the different conversations.

Open conversations will show you conversations that are marked as open. You can see that status right here. I can see this conversation here is from Sally C. She created a new conversation and I can reply to her. I just type in my reply here and send it out. When I’m done, I can close the conversation right here and it will be moved to the closed conversations section. If she were to reply to me, it would automatically be reopened and show up again in ‘open conversations’. Because I closed my previous conversation, I select the next one and my unread mark has gone away.

Now let’s take a look at this one. This is a conversation posted in live chat. Therefore, it’s not linked to a ticket or anything, but if I want to link to it, I can just click here and either create a ticket or a task from this conversation or I can link it to an existing one. I’m going to create a ticket. When I do that, the details are all added automatically, but I can modify them and then click create ticket. A new ticket has been created and I can see the link right here. If I want to see the details of that ticket, I can just click on this menu and show item details. It will pop open the ticket details panel.

On the message itself, I can see there’s another menu. This allows me to show the customer or user details and to edit or delete the message. I can search my conversations right here.

Here at the bottom you can see there’s a toggle that allows you to turn your entire help desk online or offline. What this does is when you’re offline and someone visits the customer apps, they’ll see that you’re offline. They’ll still be able to use them, but they won’t expect an immediate response. When it’s online, a different messages is shown. You can configure those messages under the administration options.