This video shows you how you can add users to your OneDesk account by importing, creating, and inviting contacts. We also cover some basics of user management.


In OneDesk you create and manage your users in the Users application, which is found by clicking on the user icon in the left bar.

This will display a list of your users organized by their teams. To view the details of a user, simply click the Actions icon next to them, click View Details and their details will show in the pop up. If you have a large enough screen, you can dock those details on the side.

To bring users into your account, if you want to create new ones you click Add > User and complete the form. You can add as many users as you like and you’re required to fill out First Name, Last Name, Email, for each of those users. You also should give them a role and you can put them in Team if you want.

While you’re creating users, it’s a good idea to share some projects with them. Select the projects you want to share with them and the role you’d like them to have in that project. When you click “Create Users” then the users will appear here.

You can drag and drop users between teams easily enough.

You can also bring in new users by clicking Tools > Import and bring in a CSV file of your users. Your CSV file will require columns for Email, First Name and Last Name. Once you upload that file, you’ll be able to map those columns to those properties in OneDesk. Click Import and the users will appear in your OneDesk account.

Of note, if you plan on importing some tasks into OneDesk and would like to keep the assignees mapped between those tasks and these users, you must import the users first.

Another way to bring in users is to click Add > User and to add them from your contacts. Here you can add them from your Google account, Microsoft account, Yahoo account, or any of the other options that we support.

If you’d like to deactivate a user, just simply click the Actions button next to the user and click “Deactivate”. These will be flagged as deactivated and if you have a lot of deactivated users, you may wish to hide them from your view by clicking “Tools” and unchecking the Show Deactivated Users. The deactivated users are then hidden from the view.

Another thing to note is that as you add users, they also will be added to projects. To narrow down your list of users to only those who are members of projects, you simply select the scope selector and then choose the project you would like to verify who’s a member of. The users who are a member of that project will be displayed in this view here. In other words, this acts as a filter on showing the users in a particular project. If you go to the All Projects level, you’ll see all the users in your account.