This video covers how you can create new customers and manage them on your OneDesk account.

To add customers to your OneDesk account, simply select the ‘customers’ application found in the left bar. Here you’ll see a list of your customers organized by the customers’ organizations. To add new customers, click ‘add > Customer’, and complete the form.

What’s required is an email address. You can also choose to bring in your contacts from Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo!. Complete this form and then click ‘Create and Send Invitation,’ or ‘Create’. If you create and send invitation, an email will go out to the customer inviting them to join your organization and create a password. If you just click create, no email will be sent.

As you can see, the customer has been added and they’re not in a customer organization. I can put them in a customer organization simply by dragging and dropping them to be in the customer organization.

To create a new customer organization, I can click add, ‘Customer Organization’, and complete this form. All that’s required is a name for their customer organization.

You can also bring in your customers by importing. Click ‘tools > import’, and what you’ll have to do here is bring in a CSV file which contains at least email, first name, and last name. Once you attach that file, you’ll be able to map the columns in your file with properties in OneDesk and after that, that’ll be imported.

Now, if you are also planning on importing some tickets and you’d like them to be mapped to your customer records, it is important that you import the customer records first. That way when you import your tickets, you can automatically map them to the existing customer records.

Customers can also be members of different projects. To see which customer is a member of which project, you can filter down your list by selecting the project here. So, for example, if I were to choose this sample release, I would see I have no customer members in this project. I’m not sharing this project with any customers.

But to see all my customer records, I simply go up to the ‘All Projects’ level.