This video covers email notifications sent from OneDesk.

When you create a new discussion thread and post it, OneDesk will send out email notifications to the followers of that project, that ticket, or that task. If you make it a private conversation, it will only go to those users who are part of your company. If however, you make it a public conversation, it will go out to everybody, including the customers that are following it.

This is useful so that you can have two parallel conversations on a ticket for example, whereas some are for the customer’s consumption and others are for internal discussion. When a customer replies to that conversation, it will be captured and threaded in here and you’ll receive a notification that a new comment has been added.

OneDesk also sends out what we call ‘system emails’. These are emails that are sent just to take care of the normal plumbing of OneDesk, such as inviting new users to join a project, or adding new customers and having them create a password.

As well, if there are notifications that you’d like to receive and that you are not receiving by default, OneDesk provides tools in the administration panel that lets you add new email notifications. If you select ‘workflow automations’ you’ll see a list of business rules that we’ve created. Some of these send out emails. For example, this one here, which is turned off by default, allows you to email the administrator when a new item is created. Or this one for example, which is turned on by default, will post a new discussion when a new item is created. This is our thank you auto-reply and this will go out by email as well.