This video covers email notifications sent from OneDesk.

OneDesk can automatically capture tickets via email. Here’s how you can set that up. you can go to the ‘Get Started’ and click on email and now you’ll notice that this email right here can be used to create a ticket. You can auto forward this email to an email that you’re currently using, for example: a support email, or you can simply use this email in particular and it’ll generate a ticket from it. here’s what that ticket will look like.
We’ll click on the details of an existing ticket and now the subject of that email will be the name of the ticket and the body will be the description of the ticket. That customer that submitted the email will get added as a follower and requester and by default a message will be sent to them thanking them for submitting their ticket.
Now you’ll notice here that this is a ‘customer reply’ which means the customer will receive an email of this message. This is the same for when you reply back to the customer on this thread or if you were to create a new conversation here under ‘customer reply’ and wrote a message. Now you’ll notice that it says customer reply. This is a new thread that the customer will now receive by email. Had we clicked on ‘internal messages’ they would not have received this by email and the customer would not be notified.
Now if we go under the administration settings you’ll notice under tickets that there are different creation emails for different types of tickets. Like I mentioned you can use these emails and auto-forward them to existing emails, so that every time someone submits an email to that specific email address it’ll create that type of ticket.
Now if we go under email settings, you’ll notice here that we have an option for the email header and the email signature. now those messages that we posted earlier on the ticket will contain this signature in the email. We can modify these by changing the email header and email signature so that it fits with your business information and here under reply settings is where you can mask the OneDesk name and you can change it to your company name for ‘’.
You can also add for example your support email or other emails to never be added as a follower to tickets. This would be useful to help prevent a loop from ever happening on tickets by email.
You can also hide the OneDesk branding on emails right here at the bottom of your email settings.
In addition, you can go to the ‘customer’ section under ‘applications’ in your administration settings and you’ll notice these two email settings enabled by default. These two settings are enabled and the way that they work goes as follows:
– invitation email to new customers essentially means that when you create a customer which you can do so by clicking here [add] and click on ‘customer’. The email that you put here will invite them to sign up for your customer portal. Now once that is done that’s when the second email comes into play,
– It essentially sends them a follow-up email with all the necessary information regarding their passwords and where to log in, as well as their username which you can see from here this is what the second email for registration would look like.
By default, you also have similar email settings for users. There’s three different email settings for users.
– The invitation to email to new users works kind of the same way whereby when you create a user, which can be achieved by clicking this arrow key and click on user, the email that you put here will essentially invite them to join your OneDesk web application.
– The email to users after registration is what contains all the details regarding login information, information about the customer web apps, the mobile application etc.
– The email to users about project sharing is essentially so that if the user has ‘accept all invites’ on they will receive a notification by email when a project has been shared with them.
These are the email settings that OneDesk has.