This video shows how to track the history of activities and changes in OneDesk.

OneDesk captures a history of changes that occur in your account. Here I’m in the activities discussion application, and I’m seeing a list of the history of events that occurred in my account. So here you can see for example, that I updated the lifecycle status for a specific project, and here is when I did it, and what were the old and new values of that change. You can see all of them here. You can also create and filter to see just those activities that you’re interested in, and you can save that view on the side, so you can reuse it later. However, the most common way of using it is to navigate from the activities on a specific item.

So, for example, if I want to check the details of this particular task, I can see that it does have 12 activities on it, and when I click that link it navigates me to the activities and discussions application showing me just those activities that occurred on this particular task. This is great when I just want to check on a specific task, see why it’s in the state it is, who did what to it, and when. I just click that link and I get this record.