This video shows you how to create, run and save macros in OneDesk. Macros allow you to create and save bundles of actions that you can run on multiple items with a single click.

Macros on OneDesk are bundles of actions that you’ve pre-created that you can save so that you can run them on multiple items all at once. Here’s how it works. Here I have two items that I would like to take actions on at the same time. We can do so by clicking on ‘Tools’ and click on ‘New Macro’. Once we do that here, you’ll notice that it says this macro will ‘modify two selected items’, and that is the two items that I selected right here.

Now say if I wanted to change the project of these items seeing as they’re currently outside of the project, I can do so by clicking on ‘Project’ and select the project that I would like to drop them in. So I’ll click on ‘Sample Project’. But say I also wanted to add an assignee to these different tickets. I can do so by clicking on ‘Add’ and add the assignee that I wish to add. Now it’ll add Chris as an assignee and also change the project.

Here you can also change the completion, the publishing status of your ticket, the priority, the type, meaning if you would like to switch it from a ticket to a task or any other work item that you have enabled, change the lifecycle status, remove assignees, add followers, or modify the custom fields. You can also create a conversation on the selected items as well.

Now to complete this macro, all we have to do is click on ‘Apply This Macro’, and you’ll notice here that it says ‘Starting This Macro’. And once it’s all done, it’ll say ‘Macro Finished’. Once it’s complete you click on ‘Close’, and we can click on ‘Close’ right here. You’ll notice here that these two items now are assigned to Chris and are now placed in the project ‘Sample Project’. You can also save these macros by clicking back on ‘Tools’ and click on’ New Macro’ and scroll here until you see ‘Save This Macro’. You can name it and then click on ‘Save’. And now you’ll see here that that macro has now been added.