This video shows you how to create, run and save macros in OneDesk. Macros allow you to create and save bundles of actions that you can run on multiple items with a single click.

n OneDesk, macros are bundles of actions that you’ve pre-created and saved so that you can run them on multiple items at once. Here’s how it works.

Here I have a few tickets that I’d like to take action on at the same time. I select them, as many as I like by clicking the check boxes next to them in the grid. I then click ‘Tools > Macros > New Macro’. ‘New Macro’ allows me to fill out a form, which identifies all the changes I would like to make. For example, I can change the percent complete. I can change the publish status. I can change the type. Maybe I want to push them all into knowledge-base articles. I can assign people, unassign them, add followers, modify custom fields, even add discussions to them.

When I’m finished, I can run the macro and all those changes will be applied automatically. When it’s finished, it’ll say macro finished at the bottom. As you can see here, all those things have been changed and they have become knowledge-base articles.

Now, if I wanted to reuse this macro in the future, when I create new macro, I’ll also be able to click ‘Save this Macro’. I have saved this macro and it’s been added to my ‘Saved Macros list’. Now when I want to invoke the macro, all I have to do is click it. It will pop up the Macro and I can run the macro again.