This video covers creating and managing time-sheets in OneDesk


If you’ve done some work on a ticket or task, you may want to record your time. To do that, just open the detail panel and you’ll see a button to start a timer and a button to add a timesheet. When I click “Add timesheet”, I just fill out this form. I have to determine the amount of work I preformed and what the new percent complete is. I can also decide, was this timesheet billable or non-billable and add a note. When I submit it, the timesheet will be updated as well as the percent complete, status, and anything else I changed.

You could have also started and stopped a work timer. I’ll show you how to do that. Click “Start timer”. You can see the timer ticks away. If I navigate away, you’ll see the timer is in fact still there at the top. When I would like to pause, I can just click ‘pause’. I can restart. And when I’m done, I can click ‘stop’. This will open up the same timesheet popup. I can update my percent complete, modify any settings and submit it. Now I have two timesheets.

I can find my timesheets right here by clicking on the ‘timesheets application’. There are lots of different ways to look at your timesheets, but you can see the tree view allows you to see the timesheets under the individual tasks or tickets where you submitted them. The ‘work log’ view, for example, allows you to see timesheets based on the day they were submitted so I can see how much work my team did on a given day. I could have created a view where I group my timesheets by the person, by the customer or by a variety of different ways. This way I can always see the timesheets and the time in the way that I want.

For example, I could create a view grouped by customer but only for billable time. You do that by clicking here and filling out the form.

Timesheets can also be exported. Just click ‘tools > export this view’ and a CSV file will be created for you. This CSV can be opened in Excel and you can modify it and manipulate it further there. You can also import it into another application or push it directly using our integrations.

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When it’s time to record your work on a task or ticket, what you can do is create a timesheet. First, look at the task that you’d like to log a timesheet on, view the details, and you can see there’s a link, “Add timesheet.”

When I click ‘add timesheet’, I’m presented with a form that I can complete to log my hours. Here I’m going to update the work performed. I could also change the task status here, change the dates, I could also modify the percent complete. If I’d like to make a comment, I can do so as well. When I submit the timesheet, the task is updated with number of timesheets. The new percent complete, and the actual schedule, cost, and work have been updated as well.

It’s important to note that you can actually submit a timesheet from the OneDesk mobile app as well.

To see previously completed timesheets, you can go to the timesheets application. Here I’m showing the timesheets grouped by the date they were submitted. I can group them by a variety of ways. I can show them in the standard tree view, so I can see them listed under the tasks that they belong to. I can group them by user, by time period, by priority, and so forth.