This video covers creating and managing time-sheets in OneDesk

When it’s time to record your work on a task or ticket, what you can do is create a timesheet. First, look at the task that you’d like to log a timesheet on, view the details, and you can see there’s a link, “Add timesheet.”

When I click ‘add timesheet’, I’m presented with a form that I can complete to log my hours. Here I’m going to update the work performed. I could also change the task status here, change the dates, I could also modify the percent complete. If I’d like to make a comment, I can do so as well. When I submit the timesheet, the task is updated with number of timesheets. The new percent complete, and the actual schedule, cost, and work have been updated as well.

It’s important to note that you can actually submit a timesheet from the OneDesk mobile app as well.

To see previously completed timesheets, you can go to the timesheets application. Here I’m showing the timesheets grouped by the date they were submitted. I can group them by a variety of ways. I can show them in the standard tree view, so I can see them listed under the tasks that they belong to. I can group them by user, by time period, by priority, and so forth.