This video will inform you about items in OneDesk and how you can configure different type of items such as tickets, tasks, issues, knowledge-base articles, requirements, features and more.

In OneDesk, items are things like tickets and tasks, or up to 30 different kinds of items that you can enable in your account. They’re organized into projects, and you can find them by clicking on the icons on the left bar. Right now I’m in the ticket’s application. I could also go to the tasks application, and show the tasks.

To create a new item you click add, and select the type of item you want to create. For example, in my account I have tickets, knowledge-base articles, tasks and issues turned on, so I can create any one of those. If I want to create a new task, for example, I pop up this form and complete it.

If you’d like to enable more types of items in your account, it’s very easy to do. Simply click the ‘administration’ icon, choose ‘types’, and enable the types that you’d like. Here you can choose an icon for them, rename them, and manage their lifecycle statuses. So, for example, I may want to create a list of statuses for my tasks that differs from a list of statuses for my issues, so I could modify that here.