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On OneDesk, if you’d like to clean up or archive old tickets and tasks, what you can do is create a project and you can call that project for example, archived August, 2019, we click create project. Now you’ll see that this project got created here. Now we can go to the tickets panel here and now say that you want, only tickets from a certain amount of days and everything before that. Um, so older than a certain amount of days, for example, you can go to create a custom view here and click add filter, scroll down to where you see dates and click for example, creation date is older than we’ll say 30 days ago. So now, we’re filtering out anything that isn’t, created older than 30 days ago. And so these ones are, so what you can do is click on the first one and then hold on the shift key on your keyboard and scroll to the part to the last ticket that you’d like to archive.

So I’m going to say it’s this one. And now you’ll see that I’ve multi-selected all of these tickets. And then you go to tools and click new macro. Under here, you go to project and you find the project that you created called archives August, 2019. So I’m going to click it, click on, apply this macro, and you’re going to see it start moving all of my items to this project. And it’s going to tell you whether it was successful or if it failed and then you’ll see update finished. And now that means that they’re no longer here. Um, when you go to they’re no longer in the folder that I had called outside of projects, because they just got placed inside a project. So now if you go to the project panel here and you see this project that we created archived August, 2019, what you can do is click on the three dots here and click on archive. When you click here, you click on archive and now this project will be archived and you will not be able to see it.

So you cannot see that project anymore because it has been archived. That means now that when I go to the tickets and I, for example, collapse all, you’ll see that that project is no longer there. If I go here into projects now and ever, if ever, you do want to go back for it, then you need something from there. What you do is you click on tools in the project panel and you click show archive projects. So I have three archive projects, and you’ll see that this is the project that I archived. So that is how you clean up and archive tickets and tasks within a project on OneDesk.