Updated Video


One of the first things you’ll want to do when setting up your OneDesk account is to start capturing tickets from email. To do this, go to your administration, tickets and make note of your ticket’s email capture address. In my organization, it’s tickets@acme05.onedesk.com. Your’s will be similar, but with a different part in the middle here. Of note, you have different email addresses for each type that you enable, and you can enable up to 10 types. Now, when you have this email address, what you’ll want to do is set up an auto-forward from your regular support email address to this email address. This means that whenever an email is captured from your support email address, it will auto forward to this. And OneDesk will capture it and create a ticket out of it.

Now let’s go to the tickets, see how that looks. I recently sent this one in. I’ll double click on the ID here and open up the detailed panel. This, the subject of the ticket was pulled from the subject line of the email. This description was pulled from the body text of the email. And of course we captured the attachments that were on email. We also captured the person who requested it. It’s important when you do your forwarding to make sure it’s an auto-forward and not a manual forward. This way, it passes through the original sender and we can capture the customer that requested it. Further down, you’ll see, we have an auto reply turned on the auto reply will post to-reply, and this will go out to the customer. You can configure this in your administration. There are lots of email options to configure in OneDesk. You can find them under administration, email settings, and in here there’s multiple different tabs of things that you can manage, including automated messages and emails, the outgoing emails, the incoming emails, and the appearance of your emails. We have other videos that cover these subjects.