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In OneDesk, there are a few types of forms. These are forms that are used to create new tickets, tasks, or other types of items. You can see one of the forms we’re looking at, Ticket, and here you can see the standard ticket form. This form is for an internal user to be able to create a new ticket. There are similar forms for tasks, and so on.

You can modify these forms by going to Administration, selecting Tickets or Tasks, scrolling down to the part where it discusses forms. Here you can determine different properties you’d like to add on your form. To do that you can show hidden properties. For example, if I’d like to include lifecycle status, I could turn that on, and I can determine whether these properties are required. Because I’ve made those changes, now, when I click Create New Ticket, you can see that the lifecycle status is now included on the form.

Sometimes, it’ll be your customers who are submitting the forms. For that, scroll down to the bottom and you can see under the Customer Portal section, there’s a section called Forms. Select that, and here, you can choose to modify the tasks form that is on your customer portal, for your customers to submit new tasks, or tickets, or any of the other item types you’ve enabled.

Let’s look at the Tickets form. I can expand that, and I can modify title of the form, what text appears on the form, what properties appear on the form, including custom properties, whether those properties are required, and so forth. I can add new properties to this form, as well, and require them. Now, when I click this link on the form, I can see this new form in the same way that my customer would see it. When they complete this form, they’ll be submitting a new ticket.