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In OneDesk, item types are the different kinds of tickets and tasks that you manage. To modify them, click administration, and select either the tickets page or the tasks page. Here, you can create different types of tickets or tasks.

I’m on the tickets page. At the top, you can see, I have only one type of ticket enabled. That’s just the generic ticket type. To enable more, I’ll show the hidden types and you can see that I have up to 10 that I can turn on and make use of.

Let’s make a new one. I’m turning on this one. It’s called Question, but I want to call it something else. I’m going to call it a Bug Report. I rename it. I can choose a different icon if I want. I’ll just choose something like that for now. I can manage the statuses. That means I can rename them, I can add a new status, I can map the colors, and I can map them to the various lifecycle states, of which there are three, not started, in progress, and finished. This one, I’m going to map to finished. I can choose which is the default, and I can remove any statuses I don’t want here. Now, you can see, I have two enabled types. Now, I click on here, you can see, my new “bug report” type has shown up here.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that each of these different types has a dedicated email address associated with it. That means you can capture new tickets or bug reports, in your OneDesk account simply by emailing them to the appropriate email address. You can find those by clicking on get started and email.