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In OneDesk conversations are your discussions that you have with customers and other team members. Conversations can either be about something so attached to a ticket or a task or a project, or they can be just independent directly between you and a customer. You could find those conversations on the details of the item when they’re attached. For example, on here, I could see that that’ll have some conversations with a customer about this ticket. Your conversations are all grouped together in the Messenger’s view as well. Here, you can see the top section is for conversations with customers. This section will be available to those people in your organization who are designated to interact with customers. All your users will have a my conversation section where they can see open, public, private, and they can even see closed conversations. When they select a conversation, they select a filter here. They can select a conversation and the messages will appear in this panel. They can use this menu to create a ticket if one’s out, not already created or show the item details or the user details. Here, you can see there’s a conversation with anonymous, there’s a conversation with a specific user, and here we have a conversation with a customer.