OneDesk lets you create dashboards for all your applications, such as tickets, tasks, or projects, and to create them for all different project levels. Now I’m going to show you how to create a dashboard for your tickets application at the global level (at the ‘all projects’ level).

First of all I’m going to select the dashboard view here. This shows me a dashboard that includes everything in my tickets at the ‘all projects’ level, but if I want to customize this, I just click create new view. I make sure I select the dashboard layout at the top here.

I choose how I’d like to filter down these things that are included in this dashboard. For example, I might want to only include knowledge-base articles. I’ll apply this new view and now my dashboard will be updated with just knowledgebase articles. Looks like there’s not much in there. I can modify that and say, you know what, not knowledgebase articles. How about only tickets, regular standard tickets? I apply this view and here you see it’s been updated.

Now that I’ve got it the way I like, I can save it. Save and call it, “New dash for tickets only.” If I’d like this to be shared across my company, I just check this ‘shared’ box, and I click ‘save’. This new dashboard has been added to my views list. This also will show up in the views list of everyone in my organization because I’ve shared it.