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OneDesk includes some dashboards that show you some handy charts and statistics to show you how your projects or tickets are proceeding. You can find them by clicking on the dashboard view right here at the top.

So I’m in my tickets application and I’m looking at the dashboard and as I scroll down you’ll see some charts and statistics to show you how your projects and tickets are proceeding. For each widget on the dashboard, you can choose to download it as an image or a PDF document.

You can create your own dashboards by clicking this link here, selecting the dashboard layout and then choosing how you’d like to filter the data that’s being used on your dashboard. So for example, if I would like to make a dashboard that only includes stuff assigned to me, I would then choose assignee is me and I can also save that. And there you go. I’ve added a new dashboard, it’s been added to my views and you can see it has a little dashboard icon that lets me know it’s a dashboard type view.

Now whenever I want to go back, I can go to my dashboard and see charts and statistics about those things that are assigned to me. OneDesk, has dashboards in all the different applications. They’re very similar across applications, but there are some additional charts and statistics when you’re talking about the projects level.

So to go to the projects level, just choose your projects application and you can choose your dashboard and you will see some charts and statistics about all the different projects here. Some of the additional views you’ll see are the agile points in active capacity. You’ll also see some time series charts, which shows you, for example, burndown charts, created versus resolved, actual versus planned work and so on. So there are more statistics and charts available on the dashboards for projects.

An important thing to note is that when you create a new dashboard view, it’s added to the list of views and that’s sensitive depending on the project level. So for example, the dashboard here will update as I switch project levels. So if I’d like to look at just those things inside this portfolio, I can change that and my dashboard has updated to just reflect the data at that project level.

So go ahead, create your own dashboards. Let us know if you have any questions, just ask us down here. Thanks