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OneDesk lets you generate custom reports. To do that, click add report, and this will open a pop up with the list of report templates. And at the bottom previously generated reports. To create a new template, click new template and fill out this form. Choose the application you wanted to be in, choose what level you’d like to use, or you can upload your own. Choose which columns you’d like to appear in your report and decide how you’d like to filter those things. Next, you can add any groupings. you’d like. Give it a description and save the template. Template has been saved at the top here. Now I can either run this report right now, edit it, delete it, or schedule it to be run later. To be scheduled to be run later, click the icon and choose what report template you want to use and project level you’d like it to run on, how frequently you’d like it to run And what is the start date and time when it should first be run. Choose who you’d like the resulting report to go to and if you’d like the report to be converted to PDF. Then, when you save and create a sample, you’re creating your schedule. You can have multiple schedules on any template and you also generate the report here as well, which you can just click and view it.