Updated Video


You can find your customer list in OneDesk by clicking on this icon here, found in the left bar. This will open your ‘customers’ application. It shows a list of your customers grouped into their company.

You can see the details of this customer by clicking this icon and clicking ‘view customer details’. This panel can be docked on the side by clicking this icon here. This way, when you select different customers, their details will be displayed without having to open the pop up.

Here you can see I have a bunch of details about my customer, some KPIs, the projects that they’re in and their contact information. You also see I have a section for custom fields with no custom fields in it.

Here’s how you can configure this panel. You go to ‘administratio’n and select ‘customers’ under the application section. Here’s where you can add different types of customers. For example, a ‘new customer’, ‘interested customer’, et cetera. You can rename them, change their icon, et cetera.

You can add custom fields to your customers right here. When you show hidden custom fields, you can see some samples that we’ve pre-created for you. You can also create your own. I’ll call this one ‘customer priority’ and I will make it a ‘choice’ type and I’ll make it ‘top customer’, ‘good customer’ and ‘okay’. I can set these as defaults or I can delete them if I don’t want an option. When I click save, this new custom field has been added to my list. I can modify it by changing his name or clicking edit or I can delete the custom field completely.

Now when I go back to my customers, the panel will be updated and you’ll see at the bottom there’s a custom field called customer priority and I can choose the appropriate setting for this customer.

Now back to configuring customers. You can also customize the customer detailed panel. Perhaps you don’t want the KPIs show; you can just turn them off. Now when I go back to the customer panel, you’ll see that a lot of things have been removed, so if you’re not making use of certain properties on the customer, detail panel you can hide them completely and simplify the interface.

If you have any questions on configuring your customer detailed panel, don’t hesitate to ask us. Thanks.