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In OneDesk, when you’re having a conversation on a ticket or task, you can set your conversation to be a customer reply or an internal message. Let me show you that.

Here I’m opening the details of a ticket. If I have enough room, I can dock it on the side so that as I select different tickets, the details will be updated.

Lower down, you’ll see the conversations and if I create a ‘new conversation’, I have the opportunity to make it a customer reply or an internal message.

If it’s a customer apply, this will go out to the customer who requested this ticket. It’ll also go out to any internal followers who are users that are from your company that are following this ticket.

However, if I want to make an internal message, it will not include the customer. This is useful because it allows me to have multiple parallel conversations on the same ticket. One that involves the customer and one that just involves my internal team.

There are some configuration options you can use as well. For example, if I go into administration, I can go into company preferences and I can decide whether by default my conversation will be a ‘customer reply’ or an ‘internal message’. This will save me an extra click every time I click new conversation. I can make different choices between conversations on items such as tickets and tasks, or on project.

So that’s how you can configure your conversation settings in OneDesk.