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Onedesk offers two additional settings. One of them is the currency symbol, which allows you to change the currency so that you can work on the OneDesk with what currency you work with day to day. And the second one is the enable inline creation. Now, the way this works is that the internal creation form for tickets or tasks or any other work item will not pop up if you have this inline creation enabled, however, if you disable this, it will now show the creation form every time you add a ticket directly underneath another. So for example, we click on this sample ticket in project right here, we click on the three dots and we click insert new item. So you’ll see that the internal creation form has popped up. Now, if we go to the setting again, and we click on enable inline creation, when we click on a ticket to add a new ticket directly underneath, by just clicking insert new item, it’ll show this line instead, assuming that you haven’t required any properties for a ticket or task or any specific work item, this will show up and allow you to create a ticket without filling out all of the properties on the internal ticket creation form. So you’ll see, you can just write it out, click enter and it’ll load it. And now it’ll place your ticket directly underneath.

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