Updated Video


OneDesk allows you to hide or display certain applications on the left hand side. So for example, say you wouldn’t need the ticket’s application, you would go on their applications here and then just disabled tickets and it’ll disable the ticketing application for all users on your OneDesk plan. You can also enable certain ones by just clicking on show, hidden applications, and then enabling the ones that you would want. So for example, I just enabled tickets and items. So now you see this one’s items and this one’s tickets. From here, you can also change the name of these applications. So say that in your workflow you have a different name for tickets and you use work order. You can rename this to work order and say your time sheets, you actually use a work log. Instead of the word time sheets, you can change this to work on X. And then we changed this one to work orders just to pluralize it. And you’ll see here that the time sheets, which would have been this one is now updated to work logs. And this one is now updated to work orders.