Updated Video


This video gives you an overview of the settings that you can manage on your company preferences page. You can find it by clicking on the administration icon here and selecting ‘Company Prefs’.

Here you can select a new company logo. Just choose an image of two 40 by 70 pixels. It should be a PNG or a JPG.

You can define your working hours per day and your working days.

Under localization, you can choose your date format. Just choose the way you’d like your dates to be represented in the OneDesk interface. Here you can choose your time zone. Here you can define your currency symbol.

Under your default settings, you can set your item default conversation visibility. This means when you have a new conversation on an item, would you like it to be a customer reply or an internal message? By changing the default, you’ll save your users that click each time they create new conversation. Similarly, you can set a project default conversation visibility to a customer reply or an internal message. Depending on what you do most, you may want to set customer reply or internal message as the default.

Here you can define the default planned effort for a task in terms of number of man-days or number of man-hours.

This checkbox allows you to default to inviting all users on project creation. This means when you create a new project, will you by default add all your users? Or if you have this unchecked, you will not add your users and you’ll have to choose them individually.

Here you can choose your bot avatar and your bot name, and finally, under other settings we have an option that allows you to create items using their names. Only. When you have this checked, you can start inserting items into your grid using just the name. Please note that if you require other properties on your forms before being able to create items, this function will not work.

If you have any questions, you can always ask us using this chat bubble here? Thanks.