Updated Video


In OneDesk, you can have conversations by adding messages to tickets and tasks, but you can also have conversations with people by having direct messages.

To do that, click ‘add conversation’ either select ‘conversation with user’ or ‘conversation with customer’. If I select ‘conversation with user’, it navigates me to my messenger application, puts me in my internal sent box, and you can see that I have a new conversation created. This conversation doesn’t exist yet, so if I change my mind I can always click X to remove it. Now I need to choose who I’m going to have this conversation with. I can just use the @ symbol to start adding people or I could add them by clicking add here. I can have a conversation with one or more users, so in this case Susan user and John user are going to receive this message.

When they click create new conversation, this goes out. Conversation was created. As you can see, the conversation appears here. When I select it, you can see this conversation here. For John user and Susan user. They’ll see the new message in their internal inbox and depending on their notification settings, they should see a new icon appear here. So these messages between users are only visible to the participants.

You can also create conversations directly with customers and it works in much the same way, click add conversation with customer. Now you’ll see I have a new conversation and I need to decide which customer I’m going to add. Click add, I can start typing my customer, and here you can see I have a customer sample and choose him. And now I can type my message here.

Now when I create conversation and now I can see it in my open conversations. From the customer’s perspective, he’ll probably get this by email unless he’s logged into the live chat currently, in which case when he replies back, I’ll see his response here, and I also will get a notification.

So that’s how you can have direct conversations between users in one desk or between a user and a customer.