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OneDesk provides an integration with Dropbox, allowing you to attach files directly from your Dropbox account to your OneDesk items. Here’s how it works.

To enable the integration, go to your administration panel and select the integrations panel. Expand the Dropbox section, read some of the details, and then you can click connect. When you’re connected, you can now start attaching files from your Dropbox account.

Now, when I go to a task, for example, and if I scroll down, when I click ‘attach file’, I have the option to attach from Dropbox. If I click that it brings me to my Dropbox login page. The first time I do this, I’ll need to provide my Dropbox credentials. When I click ‘sign in’, I’m automatically logged into my Dropbox account. Now I can browse for files and attach them directly from Dropbox.