Updated Video


In OneDesk, we put a lot of applications in the sidebar such as tickets, tasks, timesheets and so on. We also have some applications that we use in the customer apps which you can view by clicking ‘preview customer apps’. Here you can see that in the customer widget we have the messenger, the portal, the submit button and the knowledge base.

You may want to change the names of these or in fact hide them completely. Here’s how you can do that.

Under administration, if you select applications, you’ll see the list of applications that we have. You can rename them here or if you don’t want them to appear at all, you can just turn them off. For example, if I turn off timesheets, you can see that icon is removed from the bar as well. If I changed my mind, I click show hidden applications and turn timesheets back on and it’s reappeared right here.

You can do a similar thing for customer apps. Go to customer apps and you can see a list of the customer apps that are in your customer app widget. You can create your own customer app and there’s a video on how to do that. But if you’d like to just hide them, you can remove them and you can rename them.

Now, when you look at your customer apps, you’ll see that the customer app has been removed, and if I had renamed them, it would have changed there as well.

Going back in here, you can also reorder them by drag and drop. So if you’d like to change the naming convention or hide and show the customer apps or the main applications, this is where you do it.

Thank you.