Updated Video


If I’d like to change the details on a ticket task project or any other work item I would simply have to either double click the ID or open up the detail panel here. Now sometimes you may want to make modifications to multiple items but have it be the same modification. The way that you can do this is that you can multi-select several items at once, you can then click here and click modify items when it’ll bring you to this panel here on the side to create a new macro. Now what you can do is you can change the completion status so I’d like to change it to 100%, you would like to add a priority you say that we want it to be three stars we would like to change the lifecycle status to close if you would like to change the project you can do that here as well. If you want to add assignees or remove certain ones you could this is where you’d be able to do all of that and you can also add extra followers and apply custom fields. Now before we go ahead and apply this macro you can think you may think that you made this specific macro may be beneficial in the future in which case you can then save this macro and give it a name. So, we’ll call it to prioritize and finish and click Save and now I’ve saved this macro and it will confirm it’s saved and now it’ll give this specific macro a name as well and now once I have selected all my items it tells me which ones I’ve selected what I’m planning which properties I’m planning to change and I click Apply this macro now you can have this run in the background if you want to close it because you’ve selected many items but essentially it’ll tell you that whether it was successful or not. Now you’ll see they’ve all been closed and they’ve all changed so 3-star priority. For the saved workflow a saved macro you can find it here under tools right here it’s called Prioritize and Finish. Now, if you’d like to run the same macro again all you have to do is select your items and then click on that macro and it will open it up for you.