Updated Video


In OneDesk, you may wish to translate your customer apps or just change the terminology that we use.

You can see your customer apps and clicking your name > ‘preview customer apps’. Many of the texts that you see here in the customer apps can be changed just using standard administration settings such as your greeting, or your name, or your slogan. All that stuff can be changed through normal administration settings. For all those things that are not there however, you can still translate them. Here’s how you do that.

Go to administration and select customer apps. Scroll down this page until you get to the ‘language section’. By default, this will be set to English. If you change that to ‘custom language’, you’re presented with two options to ‘download a language template’ and to ‘attach custom file’.

Start by downloading the template. Then you can open that in any text editor. Here you can change the words that you’d like to be different. Let’s change the word ‘search’ and let’s say instead of search we want to put ‘find’. Now I just need to save this. There you go.

Now I’ll attach the custom file and I’m done. Now when I preview my customer apps, the word ‘search’ that was in here is now ‘find’. You can do that with any of the words that you find in that language file.