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Hi. OneDesk includes a direct integration with MailChimp. When this integration is enabled, it allows you to automatically copy over your customer contacts from OneDesk into MailChimp. Here’s how you can enable it.

First, click on administration and select the integrations tab. Expand the MailChimp section, and you could read a little bit about what the integration does. To enable it, click connect, and you’ll be presented with a popup box which will allow you to authenticate on MailChimp. Enter your credentials, click login. Now you can see the MailChimp integration is set to connected.

Here you can select the audience where OneDesk should place your customer contacts. You can also choose to copy existing customers to MailChimp. When you click this button, this will automatically create MailChimp customers from your existing customers.

You can disconnect the integration by clicking this button at any time. While connected, any new customers that show up in your customers section here in OneDesk will automatically be copied across into your MailChimp account and they’ll be copied into the list you selected.

Since when does customers can be created in a variety of ways by clicking ‘add customer’ or by a customer completing a form or by a customer sending you an email. This is a great way to automatically build your mailing list in MailChimp.

Let us know if you have any questions.