Updated Video


If I want to change the details of an item such as a ticket task or project, I just need to click here on ‘view item details’ and modify those properties. But it could be a real time saver if I could change many of them at once. Here’s how you do that.

First multi-select, the ones you’d like to change. Click the actions menu, modify items. Now you’ll see a pop up where you can change multiple things at once. For example, I might want to change the percent complete to 100% for all of them. I’d like to change their priority to three stars and I’d like to put all their status as closed. I can also move them between projects, change their type, add or remove assignees and so on.

Now I can apply this macro, but before I do that, think are you going to use this same macro again? If so, you can save it for reuse next time. Click save and I call it ‘prioritize and finish’. That macro has now been saved and I can use it next time. Now let’s run the macro.

Here we’ll get a sort of success messages for each of the changes on each of the items we selected. At the end it’ll say ‘update finished’. You don’t have to watch it. It’ll run in the background if you close it early. Now when I close it, I can see both of these have been marked as 100% and both changed to three stars and their status has been changed to closed.

These tools are for reassigning things in bulk, moving things between projects and things like that. It’s a really handy tool when you need to make bulk updates.

Now let’s look what happened to the macro that we created. If you go under tools, you can see my new macro ‘prioritize and finish’ is there. Let’s say I want to run that same macro on these two items here. I’ll click tools, prioritize and finish. It’ll confirm that I have two selected items. It’ll show me all the changes I made before so I could change it if I need to. And then I’ll apply this macro. Update is finished, close it, and as you can see, these ones have also been re-prioritized, closed and marked as 100%.

So that’s how you can make bulk updates to items in OneDesk and save those as macros for reuse next time.