For value added resellers and systems integrators, project management and customer support are keys to success. OneDesk provides ticketing and project management in one app, allowing you to support your customers and work on projects in one place. When It comes to managing product development and integration projects, OneDesk has you covered. Full featured project planning and tracking tools include deep task hierarchies, Gantt charts, roadmaps and dashboards. For agile projects, OneDesk provides Kanban boards, points and burn down charts. Organize tasks, tickets, and projects into portfolios for your products, services, or clients. You can also filter and group to create your own custom views. OneDesk can capture tickets and tasks from a variety of channels, including from email, ticket portals, custom web forms or live chat. You can connect OneDesk with your email in minutes.

Use OneDesk to communicate directly with end users or discuss privately with your team. OneDesk has a powerful realtime messaging system built right in. Whether applying to a ticket, chatting with an end user or updating a task, OneDesk sends the message in real time and emails those who are offline. Emailed replies are added to the conversation seamlessly. Create work items for bugs, features, tickets or anything else you want to track. Automate and customize statuses, notifications, auto replies, assignment rules, and much more. Offer your clients additional services using OneDesk’s customer facing apps for knowledge base, ticket portal, live chat and ticket forms. Easily account for all your time whether it’s spent doing new development, fixing bugs or resolving tickets. Easy to use time sheets and task timers are included in OneDesk’s web and mobile apps.

Easily get your data out by generating a spreadsheet of any list view. Design and schedule reports to be emailed to clients or executives. Connect with Excel and accounting software to make invoicing simple. We think you’ll love the ease of use yet customizable power of OneDesk. Try it out stress-free by just signing up at When you decide to go pro, you’ll find we have fair pricing with no hidden fees or add-ons. All plans include all features. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to book a demo with us or chat with our team.