OneDesk offers a dedicated Analytics app that allows you to monitor data about your OneDesk. You can view different charts and sub-charts that aggregate your data and allow you to visualize information about projects, tasks, tickets, customer satisfaction, and more. You can add additional filters on the charts to get the information you need. Charts also follow the project-level filter on the side so make sure you have set that correctly too.

In the Scheduled Reports tab, you can view report templates, check past reports that have been generated or emailed, and create new report templates. You can create reports based on tickets, tasks, projects, and timesheets in OneDesk. You can schedule the reports to be run and emailed automatically.

In the Activities tab, you are able to view all the activities taken on items and projects inside of your OneDesk. This allows you to track what changes were made, by whom, to what, and when. You can also add filter options to find specific activities.

Learn more about the analytics application in the Getting Started guide.