OneDesk lets you create auto-routing rules to save you time. Use auto-routing to get your tickets and tasks to the right team member or into the right project. You can set auto-routing to occur based on triggers such as lifecycle status changes, ticket or task creation, and more.

Let’s create an auto-routing workflow automation for tickets. First, click on the More Applications icon, then the Administration icon. Here, select Tickets and scroll down to Workflow Automations. Click Create Workflow Automation. In the pop-up, we can now select what to apply the workflow automation to. We’ll select ‘any ticket type’ from the first drop down menu. For our trigger, which determines what triggers the automation, we’ll choose ‘item is created’. Then, click ‘actions are taken’ to add an action that occurs when the trigger happens. From the drop-down, select ‘assign by round robin’ and pick a team from which an assignee will be chosen by round-robin. Click save and your automation will immediately be active.

You can also route tickets based upon the customer organization they originate from. The easiest way to do this is from the customer organization. Click on the More Applications icon, then the Customers icon. Double-click on the organization name to open up their detail panel. Here, the filters and actions are already set for you, you just need to add some actions.

For example: Whenever a ticket is created by the McDonalds customer organization, it is placed into their own ‘incoming tickets from McDonalds’ project and assigned to their point of contact.