OneDesk helps you to auto-triage incoming customer requests. You can create workflow automations that can take action once a customer request is received.

To be able to create these automations, first, navigate to the Customers Application by clicking on More Applications at the bottom and then clicking on the Customers App. Here, you will find your individual customers grouped under their respective organizations.

Double click on a company organization. I will choose Orwell here. In the organization’s detail panel, you will see that you can route new customer requests using workflow automations.

To do this, click ‘add routing action’ at the end of the automation rule. In the pop-up, you can add one or more actions that will be taken once a new request is received from this company organization. For this example, we will assign incoming requests to Christopher, who will be the designated account manager for Orwell. Click ‘Save’ to save the automation and, now, when a new request from Orwell arrives, it will be automatically assigned to Christopher.

You could also move it to a specified project, create subtasks, make an individualized reply and much more.