OneDesk lets you automatically respond to your customers using an automated bot. Your OneDesk bot’s appearance can be customized and can respond based on triggers you set.

You can edit your bot’s appearance or set the bot avatar image and name to one of your customer support members. To customize your bot, click on More Applications, Administration, then Company Preferences. Under Bot Settings, you can change the bot name and avatar.

To set online and offline greetings and offline messages, click on the Messenger application. Here, you can set the welcome page greetings. The bot will reply when your team is offline.

You can also create automated responses that the bot will send on your behalf. You can do this by creating workflow automations based on tickets, tasks, or projects. For example, we will create a bot response for password reset requests.

We are going to set the filters for when a ticket is created and if it has a keyword of ‘password’ in it. Then for the action, select ‘insert/create message’ and make it so the message is posted by ‘Company Bot’. You can add the message that the bot will send to your customers or team members here and dynamic properties to the message. Click Save then your bot will take care of any password reset requests you get.